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Description:   music lyrics system / add / edit / delete / fetchPHP/Ajax/SqliteDeveloper : morteza zandieh

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Music Catalogue Master Music Catalogue Master catalogs CDs, MP3s and vinyl records into a fully searchable database. It automatically enters CDs and records from 4 different internet databases. It automatically downloads and enters all the available CD, vinyl record and track information into its database - including artist ...

Kiyo PHP Framework Kiyo : An Open Source Web Application Framework for PHP language. Based on MVC and supports Pure php. Key features are Modules, Themes, Email Library, Form Validations, Captcha, Authentication, Pagination, Multiple Languages, Log, Plugins and more.. MVC, PureModules, Themes, TemplatesAuthenticationEmail, Captcha, Sessions, CookiesForm Validations

League Modules for PHP-Nuke A multisport league module for PHP-Nuke including baseball,football, soccer, hockey and you can add your own... Featuresinclude auto updating standings, player stat tracking, andschedules.

Learning Music Notes This program is for learning music notation (bass and treble clefs) written in GTK.The purpose of it is to learn you the musical notation.

Len's PHP Collection This is a collection of php classes and related programs. It currently contains: anyDB, BookmarkParser, debugHelper, FileDB, Forms, IPTracker, Metatags, QuickSearch, Smileys, UBBCode, Uploader and URLHelper

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Music Tagger mtag (Music Tagger) is a command line id3v1~v2.4 and ogg/flac tag editor. With mtag, you can `list/modifiy/delete' almost all fields (id3 picture frame, lyrics ...) of id3/ogg/flac tags and `write tags/rename files' by pattern matching

Music for Naught Music for Naught is a file structure browsing web based music player written in PHP. It is the author's first non-school related project. Web based music browser/playerCurrently only supports mp3

PHP Multi-Dict PHP Multi-Dict is a script for language dicionary sites. Now everyone can open own web-based multi lang or synonims dictionary. For now please download version from SVN - soon new file release should be available. Many languages translations (for example: from English to Polish, from ...

XFire Music Displayer XFire Music Displayer uses your information from Winamp and can display it as your XFire status. It can also get album art and lyrics for the current song playing. Thanks go to XFire Plus for the inspiration, and slowmo for the Winamp Control Class.

PHP logger A PHP logging facility. Supports output to console, local file, syslog and e-mail. Supports message classes and syslog like thresholding. Requires PHP 4.x. Works in either a shell or web environment.

Open Frog - MyPizza MyPizza is a software for administration one pizzeria, you can select the pizza and send the order to the server application. There is a part developed using j2me for smartphone, and the other part (server application) is developed in php and mysql.

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